Contact Radio Medical

Radio Medical doctors can always be contacted by phone and / or e-mail. In the latter, you are able to attach photo documentation.

For optimal patient safety and medical quality of the telecommunications consultations, it is advisable to complete and submit an authorized Radio Medical record, so that the physician is provided with the necessary information in order to make the most accurate diganosis possible, and to initiate a treatment on this basis. Both the medical practitioner and the doctor have a duty to keep records. In all situations where theres is no urgent need for help, it is advantageous to use e-mail, as both the doctor and the medical practitioner have continuous documentation of the course of treatment. This will also significantly reduce the risk of queuing on the phone.

In the case of sudden acute conditions (ABCDE unstable patients, such as trauma, severe chest pain, loss of consciousness), of course, you immediately call the RMD and can then send the Radio Medical record. In the case of prolonged, non-acute conditions, efforts should be made to make inquiries in the period between 07.00 and 22.00 UTC.

The on-call doctor will be asleep during the night hours (Danish time), which is why contact should primarily be via telephone. Emails sent during the night will be dispatched the following morning.

During the rest of the day, the mailbox will be checked every 3-4 hours and otherwise on request after a telephone call. If there is a problem with contacting the on-call physician directly, please contact Esbjerg Sygehus’s information on phone +45 79 18 20 00 for information on an alternate telephone number for the on-call physician. If contact is also not obtained in this way, Lyngby Radio can be contacted on +45 7219 8410.

In an effort to optimize the quality of the RMD function, our partners are encouraged to report any problematic encounters by email: with information on the date and time of the contact problem.

If patient progress is found to be inappropriate or has other complaints about the RMD function, RMD’s senior consultant would like to be notified.